Behavior analysts work with children, families, parents, pets, groups, and individuals. From eating behavior, social behavior (how to talk to someone of the opposite sex, how to interact with peers), weight loss, hygiene, morning and evening routines, for individuals with developmental delays and other disabilities preparing to live on their own, and much more!

An individual does not need to have a diagnosis to seek a behavior analyst. Most common diagnoses that are referred to behavior therapy are individuals with autism, ADD, ADHD, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, developmental delay, PDD-NOS. But any individual or family facing challenging behaviors can seek an initial assessment by a behavior analyst to find out what changes the behavior analyst recommends and the behavior plan that will be put in place.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy decreases behaviors that interfere with an individual's ability to access their environment. individuals are not learning because they are tantruming, crying, repetitively pacing, etc. The therapy sessions can be twice a week or 5 days a week, depending on the severity of the behaviors.

Parent training

The goal of parent training is to teach parents how to manage behaviors in their homes and teach replacement skills. Parents will learn basic principles of reinforcement, motivation, and more! The parent training sessions can be done with only 1 parent, with 1 couple, or a group of parents.

Teaching Skills

Applied Behavior Analysis, the science I've studied and bring (apply) to each family / school / group, can be used to teach children new skills. Children who do not learn age-appropriate skills to access their environment successfully may need formal training to do so.


Behavior management is invaluable in schools. Supporting teachers, administrators, and other school personnel on basic behavior management strategies, motivating students, and teaching techniques.

Corporate Support

Behavior problems are everywhere! Motivation and reinforcement apply to all people in all settings. And sometimes these inappropriate or inefficient behaviors can result in lower work performance. Behavior analysts, such as myself, can apply our knowledge and expertise of behavior to the work place - how to improve motivation, how to utilize appropriate schedules of reinforcement to each employee, etc.

Residential Facilities

Unfortunately, for some individuals, a residential facility may be the best placement to get the help and support they require. In addition to addressing any behavior challenges that arise when living with a group, skill building is important for these individuals! Behavior analysts can manage and decrease inappropriate behaviors in residential facilities while programming for increased independence in daily living skill areas..

BCBA supervision

For individuals looking for BCBA supervision hours. If in the Los Angeles area, I encourage one-on-one supervision to discuss field experience and obtain original signatures on BCBA supervision forms. If outside the Los Angeles area, please contact me to arrange an appropriate and ethical means of supervision.


The first phase to an individualized parent training or behavior therapy program is a detailed assessment. This can take up to two weeks, depending on the availability of the family and child who is being assessed. The assessment is a detailed summary of the behavior concerns, the delays, and mostly importantly the behavior plan.