Birth Injury Justice Center

This organization has experience helping, supporting families whose children have a birth injury. They support the family in getting all forms of support, medical, financial, for those who qualify from a birth injury. Their team is comprised of attorneys and nurses, so you're hopefully getting both industries weighing in on your situation and what they can do to help.


Some cool information about the dentist, resources for caregivers on preparing for the dentist, dentists with special training. Also includes information about oral health risks, challenges, conditions in special needs populations. LOVE that it includes tips for dentists! Always helps if both sides are prepared for a different individual in that dentist chair, can have a conversation beforehand about what to expect - with the individual and with the professional.

National Education Association

JUST came across this website in December 2018 when looking for another article to include in my blog. I've never heard of this association but they have great resources on their website, including information for parents and families to help learn more about children's education. The members of the assocation are part of the education system, which is a great insight from those who know education best.

California Department of Developmental Services

This is a great website to stay informed about all the changes in our state government regarding behavior services and autism. It is always beneficial for parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs to know their legal rights. The website also discusses what the government expects from those providing those behavior services to the families of California. The more informed parents and caregivers are the better they can fight for those individuals with special needs for whom they care.


A great resource for individuals interested in learning more about the social security administration, what it offers, its major programs SSDI and SSI which provide a financial benefit on a monthly basis that covers basic living costs.

Behavior Analyst Certification Board

This is the official website of the national board that certifies individuals like myself to obtain their BCBAs. The website lists all certified behavior analysts, searchable by area all over the country. If I cannot come out to you, there are BCBAs close by to support you.

Just as important, this website has all those BCBAs who have had their certifications revoked or suspended. PLEASE check out this website before contacting a BCBA found through an online search. Knowledge is the best way to help yourself and your family. The ethics that all BCBAs are bound by are listed and explained on the website.

For individuals interested in becoming a BCBA, the website has information on the qualifications that need to be demonstrated in the application process for the BCBA exam. Once qualifications are approved by the board, they contact the individual to sit for the BCBA exam.

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is a nationally known organization that helps inform and connect families all over the country. From walk events, to current research, to family services, this website is like a one-stop shop for families who want to stay informed.

Parent Center Network

I encourage parents facing challenging behaviors from their children to stay connected. You are never alone. Families face similar challenges every day. And a great way to stay on top of everything is to have that support group, have someone you can call up anytime, have someone who understands that 3 hour tantrum because they just defeated one themselves. Parents should always feel supported by their families and the community at large.

TeachMe Foundation

Nonprofit organization that helps all kids / teenagers of all abilities. Absolutely love their mission "...provides diverse educational experiences to promote youth development, cultural diversity, and community wellness." They have programs, classes. The website has some blurbs about their latest activities. They're made up of teachers and parents, which I LOVE!

Regional Centers

California has many regional centers that provide government funded services for children and their families who qualify. The best way to find out how to qualify and what services the center provides is by visiting the website above and find the regional center closest to you.

Rainbow Connection Family Resource Center

Parent led, parent run for parents! They have resources available to families who call over the phone. They host lectures by various professionals for parents, community members. They ALSO! have a great library of books and games for the community to check out.

Kids in the House

Kids in the House is an educational website about parenting. Their goal is to help parents and caregivers become better at parenting by educating, inspiring and entertaining. The 8,000 videos on their website feature interviews with the top experts in parenting, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, educators and best-selling authors, as well as leaders of national organizations. Their videos also feature parents who have dealt with particular issues and can share their hard-earned wisdom. Kids in the House is a place where parents have the opportunity to hear and share different perspectives and get solutions for parenting challenges that range from pregnancy through getting into college.

Autism Internet Modules

There are hours and hours of videos here for parents and professionals working with children. It is geared more towards individuals with Autism - going over development, treatments, how to recognize the signs of Autism. There are categories of videos to demonstrate how to work on home behaviors, community behaviors, school behaviors. I really love online videos that are developed by a reliable source, parent friendly language, and informative (not intimidating).

Autism Partnership Foundation

WONDERFUL resource for the public, particularly their e-learning section. Everyone is welcome to take continuing education classes here and even THE registered behavior technician training (RBT)! This is a beautiful resource to the community to take the RBT training course FOR FREE and be eligible to work anywhere in behavior analysis.

Help Me Grow Orange County

An organization that aggregates community resources for the area.  Families - call and go through an intake process, about 20 minutes, where the coordinator gathers information about the family, finances - for purposes of what resources fit in their financial ability, needs of the family / children, etc. Once this profile is established, the family can call upon the organization and have a currated list of resources appropriate to their particular family needs.

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